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Whitehart Kurobuta

Kurobuta Pork Salo

Kurobuta Pork Salo

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Salo is a traditional Eastern European cured, smoked pork fat.

Whitehart Kurobuta Salo is handcrafted from our Whitehart Kurobuta pork back fat. The back fat is trimmed of any lean meat then cured and hot-smoked to perfection, resulting in an epic smoky flavour.

Because it has been hot-smoked, our Whitehart Kurobuta Salo can be eaten as-is (try it sliced thinly on toast instead of butter). Salo can also be used to add awesome smoky and umami flavour to your favourite cooked dishes – dice finely and gently render down at the beginning of your cooking process.

We recommend trimming the skin off our Salo before use.

400g Pack

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